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7 Benefits of Cloud Hosting and Why It’s Better Than DIY Hosting

We have all heard the phrase cloud hosting, or the cloud, but what does it really mean? We explain that, and even very persuasive reasons that you are better hosting in the cloud than doing it yourself.

Here are seven benefits of cloud hosting

Flexible hardware

If you go down the DIY path, you end up having to buy expensive servers, rack hardware, cabling and all matter of RAM and discs, etc. These start becoming redundant, as soon as you install them.

Using cloud hosting, the cloud hosting provider is the one responsible for keeping up with the latest hardware options, therefore reducing your needs to manage depreciating assets.

Experts available

Unless you have a system administrator on staff (and most of us do not!) then DIY hosting means you’ll be in for emergency costs when your servers go down on a weekend, or you have issues with software not working.

The last thing you want also, is to have to bother your employees on weekends and nights – what a way to affect your employee engagement – avoid all of that by paying the experts to do all the worrying for you.

More secure

Security is something everyone should constantly be preparing for, and one of the major benefits of cloud hosting – security experts at hand. Why rely on your team to learn and manage all the intricate details of the latest security exploits, when that’s what cloud hosting employees do for a living?

Update from anywhere

No need to go into the office early on a Sunday morning to restart a server – you can literally do it from bed or the beach (laptop not provided). Obviously, none of us want to do that, however it gives you extra peice of mind, should you be planning a trip abroad, or want some time off for your family.

Improved disaster recovery

Let’s face facts, disasters inevitably happen. We must all be prepared always for this, especially when it comes to your disaster recovery plan for hosting critical services or software. Most cloud hosting providers have automated backup processes, meaning you can get back online with a minimum of fuss and additional costs.

Environmentally friendlier

Ever considered the environmental costs of inefficient server equipment being run in multiple locations? Another one of the lesser known benefits of cloud hosting, is saving the planet.

Cost effective

Go look at a few cloud hosting providers, and see how cost effective their offerings are. In fact, with the costs constantly heading lower, cloud hosting can be far more cost effective than the electricity bill to power your own hosting servers alone.

In Summary

You would be crazy to consider do it yourself options, when cloud hosting has the above seven benefits and more. Look around, read lots of reviews and speak to various cloud hosting providers. Soon you’ll enjoy the above benefits of cloud hosting without the previous worries.

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