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6 Ways to Absolutely Fail at Affiliate Marketing (+ How to Avoid)

Affiliate marketing may be fantastic, however committing some of these six most common mistakes will cost you your time, money, your reputation and potentially worst case scenario, if you fail at affiliate marketing, you could lose your entire business. This is why it is better to avoid them, than be regretful in the end.

Misusing Banner Ads

Here are something that all people hate and the mistakes that you should not be making, which is too many ads banner on your blog. The blog owner thinks that if they have many banner ads on the blog, there will be higher chances of people click it.

The truth is if your blog does not provide good informative content however only content affiliate ads banner, you will never make good money out of it. There must be giving then only there is taking. You need to provide good informative information on your blog to attract readers. When you blog gain more traffic, it will be higher chances on people click your banner ads to purchase even if you put 1 or 2 ads banner on your page.

Always remember that it’s proven that most readers have mentality of ignoring banner ads and you need to provide them the reason why they should purchase through your compelling content.

Selling Products that You Have No Knowledge

You should never start your affiliate business on products or services that you have no knowledge on. Image if a prospect asks you some questions related and you are not able to answer. You could be in risk of losing business reputation. This is a fail at affiliate marketing for sure.

You should only sell products that you are familiar or you are passion about. Say if you don’t know about the product however you are passion on it, you will always take the extra mile to dig out what does the product do and how it will benefit the people who are buying it.

Do your necessary research and ensure you have the adequate knowledge before you start putting your digital marketing knowledge behind it.

Not Building an Email List

It’s important to build an email list in the affiliate marketing field. If you want your affiliate internet marketing business to be a successful one, you would need to start collecting your email list. With the email list, you can start reaching out to new prospects.

You could even up-sell the other products that you are affiliating as the email list is your niche. Here is what you would need to do. Start putting opt in box on your blog and start collecting your own email list.

You can also improve your opt in rate by giving freebies to those who is willing to give you their email. Don’t fail at affiliate marketing.

No Commitment

If you want to be successful in the affiliate Internet marketing, you would need to have commitment and show that you are hungry for success. There are many times that people gave up because they don’t see the money coming in short period of time.

Like any other business, affiliate marketing needs time and effort to grow. The affiliate business doesn’t grow in 2-3 weeks time. You will need to focus and provide your 100% towards this business.

You cannot expect that once you startup your blog and put in the ads banner, you will be able to be success in affiliate marketing. You need to work out the driving traffic to your site to start monetising it.

Advertising the Wrong Products

Another common way to fail at affiliate marketing. You need to know your niche and advertise the right product. You wouldn’t want to advertise something that’s totally irrelevant to your niche. Here is a good example of mistakes that people made.

There are great affiliate program that offers high commission and some blogger starts to put the advertisement on their blog even though it’s totally irrelevant to their field. This action will not bring any profit to their blog as there will not be anyone clicks on your ads.

So you need to know what is the right product/service to advertise on your blog and it must be the same niche as your blog.


In regardless of what business field you are in, laziness is the number 1 thing that you should be avoiding. Once you have started up your campaign, you should be following up and know what to do next. There is some occurrence where when the blog owner is earning some income, they tend to slack off.

If previously they are posting 4 times a week, they will only post twice a week since they are earning money now. This is not the right attitude that you should adopt. You should be consistent or even doing more and not slacking off.

There is no one time effort for Internet Marketing however to grow and keep the profit as it is, it will need time and effort from you.

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