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How HR Automation System Can Benefit Your Organization

The Tech-revolution has hit every corner of the world. Businesses have its impact also no matter the sector they deal in. One cannot imagine life without tech assistance and devices.

The new trend in the world is now cloud-based services. It is an internet service that stores data and manages many activities of an individual or organization without requiring any hardware or software needs. It doesn’t require any specific hardware or software and cuts maintenance and repair costs. Many tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Oracle provide cloud-based services. It can also be called a web-based service.

As mentioned earlier, every business is affected by digitalization. The HR processes can also be automatized. In the traditional concept, managers were used to storing the employees’ data on paper, calculating payroll manually, and recruiting new employees through the lengthy process. These activities include many complexities that can be excluded with the help of automated software.

HR Software Basics Businesses Needs To Know

The software removes numerous complications, lessens the burden of the managers, and reduces errors in HR processes. In addition, it assists the manager in many procedures.

The web-based software manages employees’ data on the cloud to reduce the cumbersome paperwork. And a manager or authorized person can quickly find the required data with just a finger tap.

The manager or payroll process executor can calculate salaries efficiently without an error. In addition, they can generate pay for multiple employees with flash speed. This can be most useful for large organizations as they have a large workforce and the payroll process for that is very complex.

A recruiter can execute the hiring process accurately with the help of software. For example, they can create vacancies, track applicants, and arrange interviews. These facilities can be proved time-saving and increase the efficiency of the process.

Suggestions Of HR Softwares Businesses Needs To Look Out

Various companies offer HR software. Some are suggested here with essential features:

1. NaturalHR

NaturalHR is online software that helps HR management workflows run smoothly. It also provides a payroll module with its system. The software ensures the payroll process is done with compliance. Its system comes with asset management, performance management, talent management, and recruiting services. In addition, it provides features such as:

  • It provides employee insights, generates reports, and personalized dashboards to manage people’s data and take action.
  • With the help of asset management, employers can track a company’s assets and maintain them. It ensures employees only have access to those assets they need. The software notifies at the time of maintenance of an asset, and the manager can set a customized maintenance schedule.
  • Time and attendance management allows managers to track working hours and attendance data.

2. peopleHR

peopleHR is a web-based software that helps organizations automate and improve the efficiency of HR processes. It includes payroll, performance, document, and tasks management. It enables the organization with the following features:

  • Managers can assign tasks to employees and track actions against them.
  • The system automatically generates documents related to statutory compliance requirements of PF, ESIC, and LWF.
  • It also has a mobile app that any authorized person can use and manage activities.

3. factoHR

factoHR offers various HR solutions, including payroll, performance, time attendance, expense, and recruitment management. It ensures that all the activities are running error-free and accurately. They also have a mobile app so that managers and employees both can access the required data regardless of the location. factoHR comes with some more crucial features like:

  • It enables a centralized database of employees so that managers can find the necessary information quickly.
  • The recruitment module helps in various activities like workforce requisition, job posting, and interview scheduling.
  • Its ESS(Employee Self Service) portal notifies employees of special events, notes their mood, and allows them to punch online for attendance.
  • Its Payroll module enables statutory compliance with salary generation and other financial activities. Salaries are calculated considering the working hours and attendance of employees efficiently.

4. Monday

Monday is a simple to use HRM software. It also provides project management, software development, remote work, and marketing solutions. It allows an organization to integrate software or systems which they use to enhance the process. Monday enables many other features like:

  • The Project Management module includes dashboards to access the data related to budgets, goals, and schedules.
  • Remote work enables various templates to get the team onboarded quickly.
  • It automates the request & approval policy of employees for taking a leave.

5. Zenefits

Zenefits is a cloud-based HR software providing solutions for HR and Payroll activities. It also offers onboarding, performance management, time & scheduling, payroll administration, and tax filing services. Following are some key features that the software provides:

  • It includes reporting tools that show details on compensation summary, turnover rates, and headcount activities.
  • Zenefits system is available on the mobile app, so the manager and employees can access it anywhere.
  • Time & scheduling tools automatically sync the data of working hours, breaks, and time off to payroll activity.

Benefits That HR Automation Enables

HR processes automation can be a key to numerous advantages for an organization:

Data-Driven Decisions

Tracking data of various processes allows the manager to analyze their effectiveness. The collected data can be used to run reports, measure actions, and find patterns within the data. This information can then be used for best practices.

Cost Savings

Automated software lets the organization remove all the manual procedures and establish a cost-friendly nature. Although managers were used to spending a lot of money on performance management and other activities, the automated system cuts various costs and thus increases the company’s profit.

Error Less Smooth Process

Manual processes were room for complications. However, with the help of internet-based software, multiple processes can be executed automatically and error-free. As a result, human error is reduced, and the workflow becomes more efficient. In addition, it simplifies many processes and lessens the chances of blunders.

Less Consumption Of Time

The automated process consumes less time than a manual one. It streamlines numerous complex procedures and makes them error-free. So the time consumption of error solving can be used in some other important activity.

Remote Working Teams

HR automation equips the employer to handle the remote working team in pandemic times. The software enhances various tasks like remote recruiting, project management, and remote monitoring. Work from home is a usual term and policy for numerous organizations nowadays, but managing and operating can be difficult. The automated system helps in decreasing managers’ stress.


Various organizations across the world accepted the automated software and enhanced their performance. In addition, they are witnessing growth in their productivity and profit.

Above mentioned benefits and suggestions can be taken as a reference for organizations that are looking to implement cloud-based software.


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