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8 Powerful Leadership Lessons to Improve Your Work and Life

As an effective leader, you should always be learning and embracing new lessons. In this article, I have collated eight of the most powerful leadership lessons that are shared by many great leaders throughout world history.

Some may be new to you, many you may already adopted in your behaviour. All are worthy of being reminded of, and some time spent thinking about.

Empower your people

As a leader, your job is to lead your people, not micromanage them. By empowering those around you to learn for themselves, you are helping them improve themselves professionally and personally.

“When you delegate tasks, you create followers. When you delegate authority, you create leaders.”
– Craig Groeschel

Learn from your mistakes

There is an old saying ‘There are only wins and lessons.” which holds very true in life.

A situation is only a failure or mistake, if you don’t learn from the experience. Take a moment and understand what went wrong and what you could have done differently.

Delegate more

It is human nature to want to do more than you actually can. Taking on too many roles makes you an ineffective leader.

One of my favourites amongst these powerful leadership lessons is to learn to trust your team and delegate tasks over time.

Embrace lifelong learning

The greatest leaders in history knew that their education never really stopped. Only the arrogant ever think they actually know it all, or even enough. Make yourself a promise to embrace the concept of lifelong learning, and always be open to new ideas and directions.

It needn’t be formal education in a classroom, but more openness to reading and listening and continual learning.

Take calculated risks

If you never take risks, you never will grow your success. There is, however, a large divide between taking unnecessary risks and calculated ones. Understand the difference, and approach risk carefully.

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far it is possible to go.” — T.S. Eliot

Show gratitude

A humble leader knows that they should regularly show gratitude. This in turn helps your employees be more engaged.

There is nothing more motivating for yourself or anyone else than to be thanked, or told they are doing a good job. Make this a habit of yours to continue with daily.

Give more than take

This is a concept that should be part of both work and personal life. The idea that you should aim to always give more than you receive. The internet and social media have changed word of mouth forever. Do you want to be known as the helpful leader, or the person who just always takes?

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” ―H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Aim higher

If you have no direction or goals, you won’t be moving forward. Always have a vision of where you wish to be, and always make it that little higher than what you are comfortable with.

Life isn’t about a slow cruise; you need to work for your future success!

In Summary

If you vow to remember and embrace these eight powerful leadership lessons, you are setting yourself up to be an even more effective leader. These lessons can be applied in many situations, both in you professional and personal life.

The eight points again, are;

  • Empower your people
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Delegate more
  • Embrace lifelong learning
  • Take calculated risks
  • Show gratitude
  • Give more than take
  • Aim higher

I wish you all the best in leadership in your future, and hope that your success and happiness increases over time.

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