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Why You Should Guest Post + 50 Websites Looking for Guest Posts

Building links from other websites to yours is an important part of the search engine optimisation (SEO) process. One of the most popular ways of doing just that is by writing guest posts. We explain.

As part of the agreement when writing a guest post on another blog or website, the website owner usually allows you to add at least one link back to your website. This means if you wanted to have a link pointing to your website with your business name as the text, you could write something like This article written by Sally Smith, from XYZ Company.

So, how do you go about finding other websites and blogs that accept these submissions, and how do you approach them? Let’s walk through the process.

Guest post process

First, you can search for terms like “write for us” or “submit guest post”, or find a list of sites, such as the one we provide below (yes, we’ve done your work for you!).

Ideally, you find appropriate opportunities within your industry, so try using phrases to search, such as;

  • industry “submit guest post”
  • industry “write a guest post”
  • industry “guest post guidelines”
  • industry “write for us”
  • industry “guest post opportunity”
  • industry “accepting guest posts”

Here’s an example, if you were looking to write a guest post on health topics.

Guest post opportunities search
Searching for guest post opportunities


Once you find a blog or website that you feel your writing could suit, then you should look for their guest post submission guidelines, or any instruction page.

Then, depending on the instructions, you either submit a pre-written article, or if required, email a pitch with a few subjects and topics.

If you’re doing the latter, you then wait for a response and then you can write the agreed article.

Here’s an example email how you could pitch a few topics.

blog guest post pitch email
blog guest post pitch


If the website does not have their own style guide, take a look at a few of their recent articles. This way, you can mimic the style. Do they use international English, or US English? Do they have lots of sub headings, or only a few? Do they have a minimum word count, or not?

Once you feel that you’ve done a great job in writing and subsequent editing of your guest post, it is time to submit it, along with any images if they have requested them.

Normally, you’ll hear back within a few days. If they come back with feedback, then you should make any requested edits and re-submit.

Once the editor is happy, they typically will tell you when it will go live. Write this in your calendar or keep checking their website.

Once it is published, make sure you thank them via email, and then promote the article across all of your social channels. This won’t go unnoticed, and usually means they will be more keen to have you write a further guest post in the future.

Ready to write your first guest post?

If you are ready to write your first guest post now, the below is a fresh list of websites that I have personally confirmed are accepting guest submissions. Each row has a link to the website, as well as to their submission page. All the best of luck in finding that right website or blog, to pitch you first guest post.

Websites looking for guest posts [as of January 2020]

Here are 50 websites as of today who are taking guest article submissions. For more sites, look at obtaining a guest blogging database or creating your own list.

Publication Category Website Submission
1st Web Designer Web design Main page Submit
425 Business Business Main page Submit
Agents of Geek Technology Main page Submit
All Business Business Main page Submit
Astrogrowth Business Main page Submit
Blog Critics Blogging Main page Submit
Blog Dash Blogging Main page Submit
BuzzFeed General Main page Submit
Catch Updates Business Main page Submit
Colossal General Main page Submit
Daily Blog Tips Blogging Main page Submit
Daily SEO Blog Marketing Main page Submit
Designr Fix Web design Main page Submit
Digital Novas Technology Main page Submit
Edutopia Education Main page Submit
Envato Web design Main page Submit
Everyday Designer Web design Main page Submit
Fluster Buster Marketing Main page Submit
Hiii Business Main page Submit
Hongkiat Web design Main page Submit
How Stuff Works General Main page Submit
Inspirationfeed Web design Main page Submit
Instant Shift General Main page Submit
Lonely Brand Marketing Main page Submit
Make Tech Easier Technology Main page Submit
My Venture Pad Business Main page Submit
Onextra Pixel Web design Main page Submit
Pole Position Marketing Marketing Main page Submit
PPC.org Marketing Main page Submit
Rapid Boost Marketing Marketing Main page Submit
Scoopify General Main page Submit
Search Engine Land Marketing Main page Submit
Shout Me Loud General Main page Submit
Small Business Shift Business Main page Submit
SmallBizClub Business Main page Submit
Sociable Blog Marketing Main page Submit
Software Guide Technology Main page Submit
Succeed As Your Own Boss Business Main page Submit
Tech.co Technology Main page Submit
Techie Blogger Technology Main page Submit
Techniblogic Technology Main page Submit
Technobugg Technology Main page Submit
The Huffington Post General Main page Submit
ThemeGrill Blog Web design Main page Submit
Web Design Booth Web design Main page Submit
Web Design Depot Web design Main page Submit
Webloggerz.com Blogging Main page Submit
Working Mother Business Main page Submit
ALTC Education Main page Submit

Note: we are always interested in guest posts too! See our Write for Us page for all the information.

In conclusion

Done effectively, guest posting on third party blogs and websites is a great way to build all important back links, as well as position yourself as an authority on whatever topic you are writing about.

Once you’ve written a few, you’ll hopefully notice an improvement in SEO and your website rankings, and will have been bitten by the writing bug. Good luck!

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