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How to Write a Killer First Blog Post + 25 Topic Ideas

Blogging has become one in every of the highest aspect hustles, and why not? Here’s how to get started writing a killer first blog post.

Just about everybody has interesting stories to and data to share, and there are lots of ways in which to show that into money too.

Whether your main focus for your journal is to be a money-maker or an artless unleash, your first journal post sets the tone for the total system. Here’s a way to certify it lives up to its task.

You might have dozens of nice concepts for your first journal, however here’s a way to realize that one excellent plan and run with it.

What’s your passion?

When you sit down to write your killer first blog post, think about were your passion lies. This is how most people select the subject for their first blog post.

The secret is to decide on one thing you are most passionate or knowledgeable about. This can be the primary impression the planet can get off you as a blogger, associate degreed you wish it to be the impression of you personally.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do some analysis too. this could add nice info to counterpoint your content. However, in your first post, your prime supply ought to be yourself.

Prepare your blog writing area

Whether you’re a long author or you’re a lot of of a entrant, crafting the right writing surroundings is essential.

Find an area you are feeling comfy and you feel such as you will access your voice. easy measures of comfort like this table stand product will go an extended manner.

If you’re somebody United Nations agency likes to jot down with music within the background, realize the sort of music that puts you within the right frame of mind supported your blog’s complete.

Most significantly, flip your phone on silent and tell everybody within the home that you just want uninterrupted personal time. obtaining and maintaining a flow is significant in writing, and you can’t try this if your children waddle in, demanding attention.

Chill then edit

Have you ever detected the old saying, “You can’t see the forest through the trees?” This happens typically with writing. You’re too on the point of your work to be able to see grammatical errors or different ways in which you’ll improve it.

The thanks to fix this can be to interrupt that flow you had once you were writing. walk off from the post for a minimum of twenty four hours. attempt to not consider the journal therein time.

When you return with contemporary eyes, you’ll be able to scan the journal for what it very says, not what you were making an attempt to create it say. This makes it easier to catch typos and see ways in which you’ll improve the post.

If you are feeling the necessity, you’ll try this multiple times. In the end, though, bear in mind that there’s no such issue as an ideal piece of writing. There returns a time once you ought to click “publish” and let come what might.

Start with one killer first blog post

Every nice career starts with one opening, that that features your new career in blogging. Your first journal will set the tone and obtain you on your thanks to success before you recognize it.

The tips on top of can assist you get that first journal post out of the manner and start off your blog. Before you know it, you are making money from your blog! Keep an eye out here as we share a lot more tips about starting this journey, as well as different well-liked posts regarding blogging.

Below are 25 bonus topic ideas to help you kick off that killer first blog post.

BONUS: 25 blog topic ideas

Discuss the results of recent studies (find ones on Google)
How to save money by doing [something].
How to be an expert at [something].
How to avoid making mistakes at [something]
How to be a better [something].
How to make your [something] easier.
How to recover from a [something].
How to rock your life with [something].
How to avoid [something].
How to stop doing [something].
The importance of [something].
What caused [something]?
How to be the best at [something]
The problems with [something].
How to protect yourself from [something].
How to write a killer first blog post about [something].
How to calculate your [something].
How to create a [something].
How to improve your [something].
How to have the [something] you always wanted.
How to understand the risks of [something].
What not to do with [something].
How to beat the competition at [something].
How to change your [something].
How to improve [something] 100 times


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