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How You Should Pack Your Luggage for a Short Trip Away

We’ve all seen those shows, where they overpack to the extreme, or alternatively, only take an overnight bag for a month away. What tips to pack your luggage and avoid both of those extremes, though? Here goes!


You should always start by making a detailed list of all the items that you want to bring. I actually keep a copy of one on my phone, and just change it for each trip, irrespective if it is across my city or if I’m off to Saint Malo.

This has the dual purpose of sorting out which items are needed, and making sure nothing is forgotten on the return trip as well.

Weather first

Check weather forecasts for your destination before you pack your luggage. Is it currently humid or not? Cold and raining? Hot and dry? Will you be just sight seeing, or will you be hiking up high mountains? Your answers to these questions will dictate the clothing needed.

I always go by the rule of one change of clothes per day, with two spare, just in case something happens. Most trips only warrant a couple of changes of clothes if they are less than a week long. You can normally arrange cheap laundry services or visit a laundromat as well if need be.


When packing cosmetics and toiletries, putting then in smaller containers is a good space saver. Only take the essentials (shampoo, soap, sunscreen/moisturiser).

Wrap any items of liquid, such as shampoo or sunscreen individually in clear plastic bags, to prevent them opening and ruining your clothes.

Large items first

Only bring a couple of pairs of shoes. Put them at the bottom of the suitcase, in plastic bags (that way, the dirty shoes won’t get the clean ones messy!). I put socks in them as well, to save space and keep their shape. Then put in the smaller items such as travel power adaptors and the like within the gaps.

Store any jewellery or loose items in a small bags, and place them snugly between larger items.

If your suitcase has additional pockets, use them to store smaller items (underwear, hat, cosmetics). Also don’t forget to tuck smaller items between clothes, to maximise space.

They see me rolling

Roll clothes and place them in the suitcase too. You will find that rolling clothes saves more space than folding them which is an awesome way to pack your luggage.

Return trip

Consider whether you’ll be buying additional items while shopping on your holiday, and leave space accordingly. Nothing worse than getting to the airport on the trip back and being overweight!


Last of all, now you have got the hang of pack your luggage, please enjoy the trip!

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